Asking Kay Burley what’s wrong with her is ‘Pandora’s Box on steroids’

THE MP who asked Kay Burley ‘what’s wrong with you’ has done a very bad thing, experts have warned.

Dawn Butler asked Burley the question during an angry Sky News interview, after Burley pressed her repeatedly on who she would vote for in the Labour leadership contest, even though Butler had said ‘Andy Burnham’ three times.

Parapsychologist, Dr Julian Cook, said: “Oh, Jesus Christ no. You don’t ask Kay Burley that. Unless you are prepared to go all the way.

“This is going to be like The Wizard of Oz if it was directed David Cronenburg.”

He added: “I once thought about what may be wrong with Kay Burley and I passed out at a bus stop and came round a few moments later surrounded by concerned strangers. I told them what had happened and then one of them punched me.”

Butler said: “I’m incredibly sorry. As soon as I said it I thought ‘fuck!’.”

Meanwhile, Burley tweeted: “Is everyone sitting comfortably?”