Christmas will involve dressing up as a goose, Harry warns Meghan

PRINCE HARRY has warned his fiancée that Christmas will be unusual.

As it was confirmed that Meghan Markle will join the Royal Family for a ‘traditional’ Christmas at Sandringham, the Prince outlined what ‘traditional’ will actually mean.

A Palace source said: “On Christmas Eve they go to the goose-shaped Temple in the grounds of Sandringham where they all dress up as geese and pay homage to the Goose Lord. It’s mostly just flapping their arms and honking.

“Then it’s back to the house for mulled wine and a staring competition. The Queen always wins.

“At about 4am on Christmas morning they gather in the great hall where a servant will be dressed as Santa Claus. They all beat him senseless with freshly cut branches while singing Once in Royal David’s City.”

The source added: “After a traditional breakfast of raw goose eggs they go to church and look normal for about half an hour.

“Then it’s back to the house for presents – they give each other a large, beautifully wrapped but incredibly angry goose. Harry will tell Megan exactly when she has to run from the room.

“After roasted goose with all the trimmings they get changed into their pyjamas and watch a film called Fly Away Home.

“It’s about geese.”