Friday, 7th May 2021

Dad still unclear on David Bowie's sexuality

A RETIRED father has confirmed that he is still not entirely clear on whether David Bowie liked girls or not.

Martin Bishop, 62, admitted to his son that the recent documentary about Bowie’s early days has failed to clear up whether he was actually a ‘bender’ or if it was part of his stage persona.

He continued: “He looked gay. You can still say that, can’t you? That he looked gay?

“But then he was married to that model, Iman Khan, but then all the puffs got married in the 70s. Mercury, Elton John, the lot of them. It was the times.

“Maybe he was gay but stopped being gay, but then they say now that can’t happen. I’m trying not to say the wrong thing here. But was he, or not?”

Son Paul Bishop said: “When he asked I did wonder ‘Was he?’ for a second, then thought ‘Why am I even entering into this thought process? Why am I talking to my dad about anything outside football?’

“Bowie was probably pansexual. But to be honest I’m not sure what that is. Is it not just bisexuality? Now I’m confused.”