Duchess of Cambridge to guest edit Crafty Carper

AFTER spending yesterday guest editing the Huffington Post, Kate Middleton will today act as guest editor of Crafty Carper magazine. 

The Duchess of Cambridge, having become posh, is now obliged to join her Royal peers in trying her hand at jobs she is not remotely qualified for but will be praised for regardless.

Editor Bill McKay said: “We agreed thinking it’d be a quick publicity photo in waders and out, but apparently she takes it all very seriously.

“She’s sharing her signature bait mix with the readers — a handful of grasshoppers in with the maggots is key — and trying spearfishing for the first time by watching from the bank while a man from Special Branch does it.

“I’d like to say our readers will be delighted, but she doesn’t resemble a carp enough to really show up on their radar.”

Following her stint at Crafty Carper, Kate is planning guest-editing stints at Cosmopolitan, Auto Trader, GQ, That’s Life!, Advanced Carp Fishing, fetishwear magazine Skin Two and as director general of the BBC.