Helmet camera cyclist thinks he’s Judge Dredd

A CYCLIST with a helmet camera has vowed to bring justice to the roads in the uncompromising style of Judge Dredd, it has emerged.

Website designer Martin Bishop believes he has much in common with 2000AD comic’s fascist lawman, although he is more likely to argue sanctimoniously with wrongdoers than kill them.

Bishop said: “Much as Dredd enforces the law in Mega-City One with his motorbike and massive gun, I uphold the Highway Code by cycling round Tewkesbury with a little camera on my head.

“If someone fails to leave adequate space while overtaking, I’m not afraid to take the law into my own hands and pedal after them frantically, hoping they stop at a junction before I run out of puff.

“When I confront the motorist – or ‘perp’, as I call them – I dispense justice as I see fit. It could be a stern talking-to, waggling my finger or threatening to put the video on YouTube.

“I am the law. And not, as someone claimed yesterday, ‘a wanker’.”

Bishop admitted that upholding the law could be stressful, which was probably the cause of a recurring nightmare in which arch-enemy Judge Death cuts him up in a Fiat Uno.