Free ‘Editor Of Heat Is A Total Prick’ Sticker For Every Reader

IT'S our most exciting reader giveaway ever!

If you don't have pair of scissors just use a very sharp knife instead

In a special festive treat the Daily Mash is giving every reader a free sticker declaring that the editor of Heat magazine is a total prick!

First print out the sticker, then cut carefully around the edge with a pair of scissors. Next, apply some Prit-Stick to the back, making sure you don't miss bits.

Now you're ready to wear it proudly on your coat or, if you're feeling crazy, why not slap it on the front of your favourite hat?

And if you're feeling up to it, you could print out dozens of stickers, go down to your local newsagent and paste them over every copy of Heat magazine you can find.

Next week's free sticker: 'The Editors of OK, Hello, Love It, Now, Star, Reveal and Closer Bathe in Their Own Shit'