Grown man dressing like Prince George

A 34-YEAR-OLD man is wearing the same outfits as three-year-old Prince George of Cambridge, his shocked colleagues have reported.

Joseph Turner, a senior compliance manager at a Birmingham bank, first attended the office wearing red velvet shorts, a navy cardigan with mother-of-pearl buttons, knee-high socks and black shoes with buckles on Monday.

Turner said: “What? The girls all dress like Kate.

“I was looking for a style icon and I needed one without a beard or tattoos, when suddenly it occurred to me how crazy all the ladies are for the little fucker.

“My wardrobe’s full of frilly shirts, knitted tank tops with train designs, Breton sweaters and quilted coats with tartan linings, and believe me the chicks have noticed.

“Oh man I am going to get so much action.”

Colleague Carolyn Ryan said: “It’s sick, it’s wrong, he looks like a Victorian alpine climber who had his genitals removed so they didn’t interfere with the purity of his sport.

“But the magazines say he’s just the best thing ever so I suppose I’ll have to sleep with him.”