Harry and Meghan’s first royal visit ends prematurely after he accidentally kills someone

PRINCE Harry and fianceé Meghan Markle’s first royal engagement has ended early after he accidentally killed a member of the cheering crowd.  

The much-anticipated walkabout in Nottingham was going well until Harry, seemingly accidentally, took the hand of a delighted pensioner and, instead of a traditional handshake, dislocated her arm while headbutting her in the face.

The horrified prince then vaulted the barrier to help but accidentally leapt on top of the Union Jack-waving octagenarian, before planting his foot firmly on her fragile neck.

Onlooker Susan Traherne said: “I can only assume Harry’s military training kicked in unexpectedly, causing him to use lethal force rather than just meet-and-greet, but he was very polite and apologetic so I hope the press don’t make too much of a fuss about it.

“And people say it’s an easy job. Evidently not!”

Retired headmistress Margaret Gerving said: “It was marvellous, just marvellous. Such an occasion.”