Thursday, 15th April 2021

'I'm not racist, I've got a mixed-race sister-in-law' says William

PRINCE William has defended the Royal Family from accusations of racism by pointing out he knows a woman of colour.

After bravely stating the Royals were ‘very much not a racist family’ while scuttling away from reporters, the second in line to the throne highlighted the fact that he had a sister-in-law of mixed race.    

Prince William said: “I know it looks like I’m grasping at straws right now, but think it through. My brother is married to a woman of colour so it’s impossible for me to be racist.

“Just ask any tattooed skinhead EDL member and they’ll tell you that’s exactly how it works. They’ve always got one mate who’s black, and he’s alright.

“A quick skim through the old family photo album will show you the Royal Family are as un-racist as they come. We’ve got so many black friends in Commonwealth countries we ruled over.

“There’s a lovely picture of gran and Philip being carried on sedan chairs by Tuvalu natives while looking bored yet amused.

“If that’s not the sign of a progressive, forward-thinking family then I don’t know what is.”