Queen ‘Did Not Drug A Horse’, Admits BBC

The BBC has apologised to the Queen for wrongly implying she drugged a horse during Royal Ascot.

Did not drug a horse

The trailer for a new documentary showed the Queen standing next to a horse while holding a large syringe, followed by a clip of her walking away saying, "that should do the business".

A BBC spokesman said: "Her Majesty did not drug a horse. The actual sequence of events was misrepresented."

The documentary, Compared To Her We're All Scum, is the centre-piece of the BBC's autumn line-up.

The Queen and her daughter, the Princess Royal, were filmed touring the stables at Ascot, during which she was shown a typical horse-drugging syringe.

The Queen inspected the piece of equipment, but then handed it back and continued her tour without trying to drug a horse.

As she left the stables the Princess Royal turned to the Queen and said that she was using E45 cream to treat a stubborn rash.

It was then that the Queen replied, "that should do the business".

It is the latest in a series of controversies to hit the Royal Family and comes just eight weeks after Prince Philip was fitted with a new set of balls.