Richard Dawkins joins cast of Love Island

RICHARD Dawkins will take part in the new series of Love Island, it has emerged.

The former Oxford professor and strident atheist will attempt to win £50,000 as a contestant on the dating show, where he plans to woo bikini-clad women with swingeing critiques of intelligent design and creationism.

An ITV spokesman said: “Richard loves the show, because what could be more Darwinian than a weekly public vote based on how fit you are.

“He isn’t buff like the other guys, but if there’s an argument about the evolutionary role of random mutation he’ll win hands down.

“However he should probably avoid opinions such as ‘God is clearly a human construct or a genocidal sadist’ and stick with things like ‘Your bum is wicked’.

“Professor Dawkins may even have an advantage over the other contestants, because as a biologist he’s spent decades studying primitive forms of life.

Dawkins said: “This is an excellent opportunity to promote science and rational thinking, and with a bit of luck give that Hayley one.

“She is peng.”