Rihanna treats fans to internal organ snaps

POP singer Rihanna has treated fans to MRI scans of her internal organs.

Having exhausted the possibilities for revealing her external bodily features, the singer has posted detailed images of organs including her pancreas, gall bladder and small intestine.

Rihanna fan Roy Hobbs said: “Rihanna has got an amazing liver. Man, I’d hit that.

“And the way her spinal cord goes all the way from her medulla oblongata to her lumbar vertebrae is just so hot. Chris Brown is a lucky guy!

“So many stars these days are just self-obsessed publicity junkies, but with Rihanna it’s all about giving something back to the fans, in this case pictures of her kidneys and bile duct.”

Fellow fan Nikki Hollis said: “I wish I had a spleen like Rihanna’s. It’s so cute and I bet it metabolises haemoglobin really efficiently.”

The shoot took place at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, with celebrity photographer Annie Leibowitz supervising proceedings from a lead-lined cubicle.

Rihanna later tweeted: “Big shoutout 2 my intestines!!! Digestin some food right now!!! Thank you!!!

“Love 2 all the fans for amazingly kind comments about my bronchial tubes!!! Check out Instagram 4 pictures of phlegm!!!”

Rihanna’s pictures have sparked a trend for celebrity internal organ pictures, with Demi Moore currently planning a colonoscopy for Vanity Fair.



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Parents working just to avoid their kids

THE high cost of child care means that most parents only work to avoid their kids, it has emerged.

With nursery schools now costing more than many people earn, parents of young children have admitted having jobs mainly so that they can spend their days with adults.

Father-of-three Tom Logan said: “I just give all my wages to something called Tiny Tots.

“I don’t actually know what ‘Tiny Tots’ does, it could be a pre-school version of the Hitler Youth to be honest.

“Anyway, if I didn’t do that I’d be at home covered in jam and faeces.”

Mother-of-two Emma Bradford said: “I’m working all the time so I rarely get to see my kids. Which is kind of the point.

“I don’t particularly like my office job, but it’s a damn sight more fun than trying to stop a pair of tiny, utterly ignorant humans from killing a cat.”

When asked what they actually did in return for their extortionate fees, nursery school teacher Mary Fisher said: “We deal with your kids.”