Rod Stewart's attic full of real trains driven by sexy women

ROD Stewart’s ‘train set’ is actual trains driven by sexy women, it has emerged.

The precise contents of the rocker’s attic had been a closely guarded secret outside of the railway modelling world.

Model train enthusiast Tom Booker said: “Rod’s attic is the size of a football pitch and his layout is full-size steam trains driven round and round in circles by statuesque blonde women who are naked except for cloth caps.

“It’s awesome, creepy, awesomely creepy.”

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British swearing 'still the best in the world'

BRITAIN remains the global leader in swearing, it has been claimed.

After Germany officially adopted the word ‘shitstorm’, experts hailed British swearing and swearers.

Julian Cook, professor of swearing at Roehampton Univeristy, said: “In these jaded times it is all too easy to take words like arse, cock, minge, fuck – and fucknut – for granted.

“But when a British person says something like ‘fucking shut it, you arse-faced bastard’,  the rest of the world looks at us with something bordering on awe.”

He added: “The French don’t even have a term for ‘bell end’, that’s how far behind they are.”