Royal baby to be named ‘Chunky’

THE royal baby is to be named Chunky, regardless of its gender, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have confirmed.

The couple chose the name from a list of favourites including ‘Basher’, ‘Baldy’ and ‘The Baby’.

Prince William said: “It’s a good name because when you think about it all babies are chunky. They have little fat arms and legs.

“Also Chunky works whether it’s a boy or a girl or ‘in between’ which can happen, especially in the upper classes where the gene pool is not extensive.

“At first I wanted to call it King Rollo because that was such a good cartoon in the 80s but Kate was like, what if it’s a girl?

“Then it would end up being Queen King Rollo. I thought that was quite funny but no one else was into it.”

Royal fan Emma Bradford said: “If that’s the name the royal couple have chosen then I think it’s amazing, because that is the simple fashion in which my brain works.”