Royal wedding off after Meghan realises Harry not Ed Sheeran

THE royal wedding has been cancelled after Meghan Markle discovered Harry is not actually Ed Sheeran.

Markle was introduced to Harry as a ‘rich, famous, ginger Brit’ and assumed that could only be her favourite pop star.

When Harry realised the confusion, he maintained the illusion by pretending Prince Charles was Simon Cowell and Fergie was ‘Adele without any make-up’.

A palace insider said: “We thought it was weird she called him ‘Ed’, but maybe it was some kind of pet name.

“He’d claimed he’d bought his working class family a palace with all the royalties from Galway Girl, but that he wasn’t allowed to sing her any songs because technically that counts as a concert and he’d have to give his management ten million pounds.

“I think she realised a few weeks ago but it was all a bit awkward by that point.

“She has since met Ed Sheeran and is now engaged to him.”