Sunday, 16th May 2021

Stop this display of ostentatious wealth, says Queen in massive palace, with her crown

THE Queen is believed to be outraged at Meghan’s £300,000 baby shower, from beneath her jewelled crown in one of her many palaces.

Meghan has faced criticism for the extravagant celebration and the Queen, who first paid tax on her £370 million fortune when she was 66 years old, is thought to be absolutely livid.

A Palace source said: “The Queen isn’t one of these celebrities who jets around the world living a party lifestyle, though she did mention the other day she’d like a new yacht.

“She was inspecting her art collection, conservatively estimated at £10 billion, when she heard about Meghan staying in a fancy hotel and eating an expensive dinner and went white.

“‘Does she think she’s one of these hip hop blingers like Mr Ice-T who sits on a bloody throne?’ she said, so shaken by the news she had to rest on one of her thrones for a second.

“She’s clearly having second thoughts about welcoming Meghan to the family. Not everyone can handle massive wealth with the same dignity as those born to it. Like Prince Philip, or Andrew.”

The monarch apparently regained her calm by remembering that £300,000 was less than her mother would lose in an afternoon at Ascot.