Unretouched photo of Beyonce shows true reptilian form

A LEAKED, undoctored photo of Beyonce shows the singer with a scaly four-legged body and a spiny crest.

The image, which has not been digitally retouched, shows the pop icon’s true physical form which will be virtually unrecognisable to fans.

Celebrity analyst Emma Bradford said: “All the makeup and photoshopping really does make a huge difference, not just in terms of reducing Bey’s thighs and waist but in disguising the fact that she is a quadruped with knobbly green skin and needle-like claws.

“But what’s really shocking in the picture is that she’s clearly got a baggy neck, a bit like Bruce Willis’s in that TV advert.

“She clearly needs a chin lift and also to moisturise more frequently.”

Office worker Tom Booker said: “Wow, the real Beyonce is definitely not as hot in real life. She still has nice eyes though, and great posture.

“Yeah, I would nail that.”