Winehouse Enjoys Incident-Free Piss

AMY Winehouse visited the toilet of her North London home last night and emerged three minutes later after a textbook piss, according to friends.

The Back to Black singer entered the upstairs lavatory at 9.45pm carrying a cigarette but without her chest inhaler, which she left in the lounge.

Once positioned with her back to the toilet Winehouse pulled down her jeans and underwear in a single motion before sitting on the seat.

The troubled vocalist urinated for approximately seven seconds but remained sitting on the lavatory for a further 35 seconds with her head nodding slightly, prompting some concern.

However, Winehouse, best known for her songs Rehab and You Know I’m No Good, then regained control and stood up strongly to replace her underwear and jeans, after first dabbing briefly at her private area with some tissue paper.

She washed her hands with an aloe vera and lavender moisturising handwash before exiting the bathroom at 9.48pm, having momentarily sniffed her fingers.

The friend said: "It was your classic British piss. There were no drips and definitely no follow-through. I doubt even Duffy pisses better than that.

"Luckily Blake is in prison, so the seat was down and we were spared the usual drug fueled tantrum.

"But as a friend you are always worried. Last week she went for the most almighty shit, slid off the pan and we had to crank up the defibrillator."

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