Anywhere without ‘No Fly Tipping’ signs fine for fly-tipping

ANY lay-by, alleyway or domestic garden that does not display a ‘No Fly Tipping’ sign is open for fly-tipping, local authorities have confirmed. 

Filthy mattresses, broken fridges and builders’ rubble can now legally be tipped anywhere further than 10ft from a sign prohibiting it, including rivers, parkland and sites of outstanding natural beauty.

Landlord Martin Bishop said: “Finally, a bit of common sense.

“If you don’t want fly-tipping then put a sign up. If you haven’t got a sign up, then the fire-damaged three-piece suite I’m getting rid of has a new home in your parking space.

“Congratulations to the councils for cutting through the red tape strangling the self-employed small businessman.

“Just chuck that telly out the van while I’m driving. It’s fine, there’s no signs on the motorway.”