Britain in record breaking four-day summer

AS SUMMER in Britain comes to an end, experts confirmed the four days of consecutive sunshine was a new record.

With the arrival of rain and decent British temperatures, meteorologists described the summer of 2017 as ‘almost too long’.

Met Office official Dr Julian Cook said: “It demolishes the two day cracker of 2014 and the legendary three day summer of 1976. But four days of summer is quite enough. Any longer and there’s the possibility that people may start to overreact.”

Sunshine enthusiast Eleanor Shaw, from Stevenage, said: “I spent the whole four days complaining that I couldn’t sleep while doing sod all to help myself, such as putting a fan on.

“I’ll never forget what a wonderful summer this was.”

Meanwhile, Scottish people insisted their summer had ‘yet to begin’, prompting meteorologists to look at them sadly and shake their heads.