Brown Unveils Plans For Underwater Society

PRIME minister Gordon Brown has unveiled ambitious plans to build 50,000 homes at the bottom of England's biggest lakes.

"We'll do even better than these cheeky wee fish," said the Prime Minister

Speaking at his first monthly press conference, Brown said he got the idea from watching the Pixar cassic Finding Nemo.

"There seemed to be an entire society, including schools, housing and employment opportunities, operating successfully under the sea."

The Prime Minister added: "It struck me that such a community would be in no danger of  environmental hazards such as flooding or forest fires.

"And if all the water dried up because of a drought it would simply make it easier to play tennis or drive to the shops."

Despite being pressed repeatedly on the practical aspects of his underwater society, Brown replied, "it'll be fine" over and over again.

The Prime Minister has asked Britain's leading house builders to draw up plans for the new sub-surface homes, which will include state-of-the-art energy saving features such as solar panels, wind turbines, triple glazing and double-flush toilets.

The first aquatic town will be built in Lake Windermere, followed by similar schemes at Coniston Water, Grasmere and Keilder in Northumberland.

The Scottish Executive has already rejected underwater societies and instead plans to build 250,000 tree-houses by 2012.