Bush Unveils World’s Biggest Car

PRESIDENT Bush has underlined his commitment to tackling climate change by unveiling the world's biggest car in Detroit.

President Bush expects a 'cordial relationship' with climate change

The Chrysler IceCap is 14ft hight, 36ft long and seats three Americans.

It comes complete with KFC bucket holders and a chocolate-resistant coating on the dashboard.

The IceCap is powered by a 38 litre, V12 engine and achieves 400 yards to a gallon of petrol. The fuel tank is a 40ft trailer which is towed behind the vehicle.

The early promotional campaigns will be accompanied by the slogan "You can feel the water level rising".

The IceCap is the latest attempt by America to make a significant impact on climate change.

Over the next 12 months US companies will roll out the world's biggest patio heater, the world's biggest electric toothbrush and the world's biggest chainsaw.

At the official launch in Detroit, President Bush pointed to the IceCap and said: "Big car. Good. America."