City twats enjoy week of patronising rural people

A GROUP of hipsters have spent an ironic week in the country laughing at the backwardness of the benighted locals.

Brand relationship manager Nikki Hollis and her friends rented a cottage in rural Norfolk to de-stress from their urban lives by finding the very concept of milking a cow hilarious.

She said: “The cottage instructions just said to get the key from under a plant pot, I mean omigod. Just imagine doing that in London.

“At lunchtime Sam asked for directions to an Itsu, which had us in stitches, and we ended up in this pub that was so authentic they didn’t even do tapas.

“We had to leave because Jamie got in an argument with this farmer about whether his agriculture was sustainable and the guy was like ‘you don’t even know what sustainable means,’ and we were like ‘yes we do, it means good.’”

Landowner Martin Bishop said: “I’ve actually got a PhD in environmental science and a multi-million pound solar farm, but it amuses me to indulge them.

“Watch when I turn off the wifi. They go absolutely mental.”