Climate in Paris seemed fine to me, says Trump

DONALD Trump is to pull out of the Paris climate accords after visiting Paris and judging the weather to be perfectly lovely. 

The president visited the French capital on his European tour and has declared all reports of issues with its climate to be fake news.

He continued: “The weather in Paris is just beautiful, believe me. They have the best weather.

“You got people in Lesotho signing this thing, you got Micronesia, you got Guyana and trust me, they’ve never been there. They couldn’t afford to.

“Right now great American cities – Houston, Omaha, really great cities – are being shipped thousands of tonnes of French rain a year, and that’s a bad deal. It’s a deal Obama made.

“We’re out. Paris can handle its own weather. We have some phenomenal weathermen and women on TV in the US. Get some of them.”