Dad presses fog lights button as if deploying spy weapon

A 45-YEAR-OLD man has turned on his fog lights in the manner of a spy triggering an under-bonnet machine gun.

Sales representative Tom Booker was driving to a client appointment in Taunton when he hit a patch of fog.

He said to himself: “You may think you’ve got the better of me, Mister Mist, but I’ve got a little surprise up my sleeve.”

Booker then pressed a button just above his car’s ashtray that made the slightly brighter lights come on.

Father-of-two Booker said: “Whether you’re being chased by rogue KGB agents, or just driving on a B road in conditions of restricted visibility, it pays to have a hi-tech ’ace in the hole’.

“In my mind the little switch with a picture of a wavy line on it makes bullets come out of the car. It’s a good job it doesn’t though, because that would cause an accident.”