Everyone moaning about snow whether they’ve had any or not

HEAVY snow or hardly any snow are both a great excuses for a massive whine, the UK population has confirmed.

While those who experienced significant snowfall complained bitterly that it stopped them from leaving the house, those who had little complained bitterly about being able to leave the house.

Retiree Norman Steele of Dundee said: “The roads are closed, the schools are closed, and even though I’m not using either I’m still outraged.

“Why can’t this bloody country have an enormous, dedicated infrastructure ready for the five days a year it snows? I blame the EU.”

But Emma Bradford of Gloucester said: “Half an inch? What good is that on Instagram?

“You can’t build a snowman, you can hardly throw a snowball, and most importantly I’m going to have to go to work as if it was any normal day when I’d decided last night I wouldn’t.”

Meteorologist Dr Helen Archer said: “Snow breeds a particular anger and disappointment in British people.

“Actually, it’s just the usual kind, but it looks so pure and white.”