Heatwave sees huge rise in whingeing tw*ts

THE heatwave currently hitting Britain has led to a huge rise in people moaning about it.

Social media has caught the brunt of the rise with many expressing their annoyance at the pleasant weather via whiny, pathetic status updates.

Tom Booker, a moaning bastard from Stevenage, said: “How can anyone like this weather?

“A little bit of warmth is alright but this is ridiculous. I’m literally sweating.”

Booker’s co-worker, Emma Bradford added, “He moans about Autumn too.”

Meanwhile, Donna Sheridan from Peterborough, said: “I rang my Dad, who I haven’t spoken to this year, to wish him a Happy Birthday.

“After the initial awkwardness the first thing he said was ‘Bloody hot out, isn’t it? Too hot in my opinion’.

“I hung up.”