Heroic dog fights off potential boyfriend

A BRAVE dog has prevented its owner from talking to a possible romantic partner. 

Roy Hobbs, a Border Terrier, leapt to the defence of Donna Sheridan when it seemed she was about to be swept off her feet by the easygoing charm of Nathan Muir.

Moments after Sheridan and Muir met in a local park, Hobbs began barking furiously, drowning out Muir’s attempted chat-up line, before trying to bite him on the knee.

Hobbs said: “He was halfway through the word ‘coffee’ when I realised what he was up to. My instinct kicked in and I knew I had to protect Donna by killing him.

“He escaped, but I’m pretty confident he’ll never speak to her again, so I consider it a success.”

Sheridan said: “Roy is a devoted companion who will always protect me from new people, especially ones with great cheekbones and thick, wavy hair.”

Hobbs confirmed that in the past 24 hours he had protected Sheridan from two squirrels, a plastic bag, and a gust of wind in the garden at four o’clock in the morning.