Monday, 10th May 2021

Neighbours' recycling bins more compelling than anything on Netflix

A WOMAN has discovered her neighbours’ recycling bins are more interesting than anything on Netflix.

A nosy peek into bins during a dog walk on recycling day has left Nikki Hollis gripped by the private lives of the residents of her street.

She said: “It’s not like I hadn’t suspected Tony liked a drink, but the amount of rum and coke he’s putting away is staggering. He’s got a real problem. It’s fascinating.

“And so much for Jane next-door-but-one and all her Veganuary chat in the neighbourhood Facebook group. There was nothing but microwave spaghetti bolognaise packaging in her recycling, the hypocritical cow.”

Hollis was even more thrilled by what she described as “the mysterious ones”.  

She said: “I can’t stop trying to work out why number 43 had packaging for six hairdryers, and why 65 has loads of empty tins of dog food but no dog.”