Quite big cat sighted in Taunton

SIGHTINGS of a fairly big cat have been reported by local residents in Somerset.

Eyewitnesses in the market town of Taunton describing the cat as ‘around two feet long’ and ‘more stocky than most cats’.

Local resident Tom Booker took the above photograph, which appears to show a quite large cat in a garden.

Retired welder Booker said: “At first I thought it was just a normal cat. Then I realised it was around a third larger than most of the cats you see around.

“It had fur, paws, a tail and two cat-like ears. I called my wife to have a look but by the time she came downstairs it had gone, clearing a four-foot fence with a single bound.

“I took plaster casts of the footprints, in case experts want to analyse them. But I know what I saw.”

Zoologist Emma Bradford said: “The photo does appear to show a cat-like animal, although it could have been digitally altered so I think it’s too early to get really excited.”