Recycling Centres To Provide ‘Wife-Banks’

LOCAL authority recycling centres across the UK are to offer a drop-off service for old or faulty wives.

Destined for a car boot sale

The government is to fund the £25 million scheme after a three-fold increase in wife-tipping since 1997.

Environment secretary Hilary Benn said: "People are sick of the sight of wives dumped by the side of the road.

"They are unsightly and often hazardous. Many of them end up being taken away by 'travelling people' who then try to sell them at car boot sales."

"Britain should be proud of its countryside rather than littering it with out-of-date wives."

The wife-banks will be installed in major towns and cities and will hold up to 30 wives at a time.

All of the disused wives will be refurbished or broken down for parts with many being exported to the developing world.

Mr Benn added: "A well-built British wife that has been kept clean can last for 30 or even 40 years."