Sheep actually full of radical opinions

MANY sheep have extreme political views, it has emerged.

Although often criticised for a lack of individuality, sheep actually spend their lives discussing fringe ideologies and listening to obscure indie bands.

Sheep Donna Sheridan said: “I’m basically a Trotskyist although I am also strongly influenced by conspiracy theories about ancient astronauts.

“I think Marcus Rashford should be the first name on the England teamsheet, but I’m in favour of the legalisation of all drugs and the return of national service.”

Fellow sheep Mary Fisher disagreed: “Rashford is an overrated fraud, and the army should be abolished and the money used for space exploration.”

Fisher said that in any herd, you will find sheep weighing up the artistic output of Woody Allen, and arguing about whether The June Brides were a better band than The Pastels.

She said: “People assume we sheep all think the same way just because we’re scared of dogs.

“But a border collie will follow orders without question, which is a terrifying personality trait for independent freethinkers like us.”