Snowfall in unimportant 70 per cent of country may hit London, forecasters warn

THE snow which has hit Scotland, the North and parts of the Midlands could affect areas that matter, forecasters have warned.

The Met Office said snow could soon be landing on the cars and homes of people earning at least six figures.

Julian Cook, from Richmond, said: “You see it on the news in these faraway places like Doncaster but you never dream it could happen to you.

“We’re talking third-world conditions with impassable roads, the Little Waitrose closed, and flourless chocolate cake off the menu at your local gastropub.”

Bill McKay, from Chester, said: “We’ve been asked if we could lie in the path of the snow and melt as much of it was we can with our body heat before we expire.

“I for one will die happy if it means that Surrey can be spared.”