Summer confirms ‘bold, original’ ending

SUMMER has decided to end suddenly for artistic reasons, it has confirmed.

The season claimed it wanted to do something bold and original rather than just drag on for months while everyone slowly lost interest.

Summer said: “When thinking about how I was going to pan out, I was really inspired by the film No Country for Old Men. I love how you’re just getting into it then suddenly the main character’s dead without any fanfare or explanation.

“That’s kind of what I’m going for. Other seasons just do their three months or whatever, but I’m way deeper than that.

“You think you know what I’m going to do and then – rain.

“I like to play with people’s preconceptions of what a season is.”

Summer added that it might throw in another couple of sunny days amid the rain ‘to keep everyone on their toes’.

Sunshine fan Emma Bradford said: “Summer needs to get over itself and give the fans a proper ending. We’re not ready to be cold and wet.

“Nobody except the critics likes pretentious weather.”