Monday, 28th September 2020

Big pot of home-made soup knows half of it is going in the bin

A LARGE pot of 'delicious' home-made soup knows at least 50 per cent of it is getting chucked.

The soup is made from a squash bought in a 2-for-1 deal that was close to going off when its feckless owner decided to roast it.

The squash then spent three days festering on a baking tray before anyone could be bothered to blend it into soup.

Joanna Kramer, who created the soup, said: "It's healthy and great for reducing food waste. But it was also a terrible idea, so I've been ordering Deliveroo instead."

The soup added: "Shocking as this may seem, she’s far more interested in Pad Thai and Bang Bang Chicken. So that's me shafted.

"Oh well, circle of life etc etc."