Man accidentally makes enough spaghetti to feed 700 people

A MAN has accidentally made enough spaghetti for himself for dinner to feed his entire neighbourhood.

Nathan Muir said: “I know it says to use 80g per person, but it just looked so tiny in the pan that I thought it couldn’t be enough.”

He added: “I raided the store cupboard and made 10kg in the end. I then had to go door-to-door asking if people wanted any spaghetti. It was embarrassing.”

Neighbour Nikki Hollis said: “We’ve all been there. I’d run out of groceries so it was much appreciated.”

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What to do when the thing you thought was progressive turns out to be bad

HAVE you just found out that something you thought was cool and progressive is total sh*t? Save face with these damage control tips.

Pretend you already knew
You could just admit that you didn’t know about the damaging impact almond milk has on the Californian environment, but where’s the fun in that? Brush off the information that has destabilised your flimsy identity by smiling and saying that you’d already read a Guardian article about it. This frees you up to do your own research on your phone on the toilet later.

Mention something worse
Yeah, you might’ve underestimated how bad Huel is for your cardiovascular system, but have you seen what’s going on in the Amazon? All those fires and the Brazilian government is doing f*ck all about it… Pretty terrible eh? If you can get people to talk about that for 20 minutes they might forget about your toxic obsession with a powdered food substitute.

Get personal
Rather than taking the Earth-shattering revelation that the Myers-Briggs test is bullshit in your stride and using it as an opportunity for introspection and growth, you could always deflect your anger. Pointing out the carbon footprint of your friend’s kid is a good place to start, but we’re sure you have many, many more judgemental ideas of your own.

Start banging on about something new
By the time you’ve read this your current progressive interest has probably been overtaken by something even more out there and right-on, so just start wittering on about that instead. If all else fails, you could start talking about those social reform ideas you came up with after you smoked your first herbal cigarette and opened your third eye.