Monday, 19th April 2021

Only surviving ingredient of Easter nests is cornflakes

A MUM who congratulated herself on her forward planning has had to re-purchase the ingredients for Easter nests four times so far.

Carolyn Ryan decided to buy Mini Eggs early because they were on special offer, then had to go out and buy them again, and a further two times after that.

Ryan said: “I thought I could open the packet and eat just one or two. However, it turns out that being 38 and legally designated an adult is not the same thing as having self-control.

“Then there’s the chocolate. The first time I bought Dairy Milk, which lasted approximately three hours after returning home from the shops.

“The second time I got wise and bought cheap supermarket brand cooking chocolate. Turns out I’m willing to eat that, too.

“I’m not sure how excited the kids will be when they learn that their favourite, must-have Easter nests are basically a small handful of cornflakes.

“But at least I won’t have to feel guilty about them eating chocolate for breakfast.”