Friday, 30th October 2020

When will Boris explain where the f**k Frosties have gone?

THE government has misled, hidden the facts and flat-out lied to Britain. Worse, they have refused to explain what the f**k has happened to Frosties. 

Before lockdown, Frosties were abundant on our supermarket shelves. Even when sensible people were stockpiling and idiots were panic-buying, there was no toilet roll or pasta but Frosties were plentiful.

But today, 13 weeks into lockdown, there are no Frosties. There haven’t been for weeks. And rather than face up to their failure to keep Britain stocked with essentials, the government is silent.

They’ve owned up to other errors, like their disastrous test-and-trace app, the shortage of PPE, the sending of infected patients to care homes. But day after day, ministers refuse to allow questions on the real crisis facing this nation.

A statue of Edward Colston is thrown into a harbour and sparks weeks of debate. But when a real hero to our nation like Tony the Tiger is muzzled and erased, even Piers Morgan is banned from saying a word.

Children are going hungry. Childish adults are going hungry. Come on, Boris. Be honest with Britain. Explain to us where our Frosties, the cereal that has kept this country running for almost 70 years, have gone.

Then resign. For on a matter of this importance, no excuse is acceptable.