Woman loses argument with her dog

A WOMAN has lost an argument with her own dog about whether he deserved to be fed again. 

Jane Thomson had already fed her Alsatian Oscar when the dog decided that he deserved a second dinner and began barking accordingly.

She said: “He followed me into the kitchen and barked at the food cupboard, then stood by his bowl. I explained that would not be happening.

“Then he barked again, reproachfully, as if to remind me that I’d made chips at midnight last night, and I had to tell him how deeply I regretted that and how ashamed I was.

“Then he lay down and gave a sad little whine that seemed directed at himself for his own greed, and I replied nobody understood that better than I did and cried a little bit, and told him we had to be strong for each other.

“He just looked at me. Then I opened him another tin of Chappie, because we both knew where this was ending up.”