Monday, 25th May 2020

Woman makes her own hummus for some reason

A WOMAN spent hours preparing her own hummus only to discover it was not even as good as the one from Aldi.

Emma Bradford, 35, thought it would be a good idea to spend the best part of a tenner on ingredients rather than just get the shop-bought stuff for a pound.

She said: “I thought by using organic chick peas and some premium tahini stuff it would be amazing.

“I spent three punishing hours in the kitchen, soaking chickpeas and blending stuff up only for it to taste like utter garbage. And now the kitchen looks like a bird has pooed all over it.

“It’s not even as nice as the massive tub I got in the bargain bin at Lidl. I think it was hummus, the label was in German, but whatever it was it tasted better than my hummus.

“I might just use it as wallpaper paste.”