Woman planning nice healthy dinner of soup and entire loaf of bread

A WOMAN is planning a simple, nutritious kitchen supper of a carrot soup and a full loaf of bread.

Nikki Hollis is maintaining her commitment to healthy eating with her home-cooked, beautifully seasoned meal with enough crusty loaf to build a small shed from on the side.

She said: “Even though it’s winter there’s no excuse for not eating well. No need for a big, fattening roast to warm you up.

“Instead I’m whipping up a flavourful soup, accompanied by a few slices of bread. I’ll leave the loaf there just in case.

“And because getting through carbs that would bloat Mo Farah can leave the mouth a bit dry, I’ll also leave out the full-fat butter. And the garlic butter.”

Hollis plans to finish her rustic snack with a fair-sized slab of strawberry cheesecake, in order to get her five-a-day.