90% of woman’s workout is taking gym selfies

THE majority of a woman’s workout is lifting her iPhone in order to take pictures of herself working out.

Nikki Hollis visits her local gym at least three times a week to maintain her stream of Instagram selfies and occasionally use an exercise machine if there is time.

Office worker Hollis said: “It takes ages to get a flattering angle. On average I have to lift my phone up about 50 times per selfie session.

“If you think of my iPhone as a weight, that’s at least 50 reps, which is actually a pretty intense bicep workout. Unfortunately by the time I’ve finished getting a good shot there’s rarely time to exercise the rest of my body.

“It’s a bit disappointing to spend so much time at the gym and still feel so unfit. I’d take up jogging as well but the selfies always come out really blurred and unflattering.

“Don’t even start me on swimming selfies. Those were an expensive mistake.

“Exercising is a real pain now I have to disguise the fact that I have one big, muscular arm and the rest of me is still pretty puny. Hopefully it will all even itself out eventually.”