Trump promises to visit Macron in ‘whatever shithole country he comes from’

DONALD Trump has promised to visit Emmanuel Macron in ‘whatever the hell shithole of a country he comes from’, the White House has confirmed.

Trump, who is hosting the French President at the White House, said he would love to see Macron’s ‘complete shithole’ adding: “Even if it’s in Africa.”

A White House insider said: “The President said we should have pizza for dinner with Mr Macron tonight as it would make him feel right at home.

“Then he added, ‘a roast dinner, that’s what they call it over there, isn’t it?’ We’ll have one of those too’.

“So it was a roast dinner for starters, pizza for the main and a Paella for dessert.

“Then he asked Madame Macron to do a traditional ‘rain dance’.”

A spokesman for the French President said: “It’s gone a lot better than we expected.”