Friday, 22nd January 2021

Announcement of vaccine not the same as being vaccinated, idiots told

IDIOTS have been warned that merely ordering a vaccine does not make them immediately immune to Covid.

Certain sections of the population have assumed that they can now go back to pre-virus times and do whatever they like, in a kind of ‘Victory Over Covid Day’.

Martin Bishop said: “Today I can visit my dear old gran and give her a hug and a big slobbery kiss, safe in the knowledge that if she does get ill, the vaccine will make her better some time before April.”

Donna Sheridan said: “Me and my neighbours have organised a big bonfire to burn all our masks to make up for missing Guy Fawkes night. Then I’m going clubbing with 20 of my mates. 

“I’ve got a weird cough and can’t taste anything but it can’t be the coronavirus because we’ve got the vaccine now. Durr!”

However Josh Hudson disagreed: “I know everyone thinks that now there’s a vaccine they’re safe. They’re not.

“The whole thing’s fake. The only thing this ‘vaccine’ will do is cure you of is thinking for yourselves. Listen to Ian Brown, sheeple.”