Busy mum taking her wine intravenously

A MOTHER has streamlined her wine consumption by feeding it directly into her bloodstream.

Joanna Kramer finds that inserting a red wine drip takes the edge off coping with the demands of her family after a long day at work.

Bradshaw said: “Any parent worth their salt will tell you that kids get cuter in direct correlation to the amount of booze you drink, so getting a couple of glasses of Shiraz down before bedtime is par for the course.

“But do you know how long it takes to open a bottle of wine, pour some into a glass and lift it to your face? I can make two packed lunches and stop a toddler pouring Fairy Liquid into a baby’s nose in that time.

“The solution is to set up this system that feeds wine straight into my blood without any faffing. It’s essentially a drip on a wheelie stand like they have on Casualty, it’s perfect for getting a buzz on while reading a bedtime story.”

She added: “My husband is having a real ale enema after work every day.”