Every Daily Mail story takes 30 minutes off your life


EVERY Daily Mail story you read takes 30 minutes off your life, experts have revealed.

The Institute for Studies found that reading the newspaper is worse for you than smoking, and much less educational.

Meanwhile, the length of the article makes little difference, with two-paragraph dissections of international events and copy and pasted features about celebrities having the same effect.

The research also showed that even when reading ironically, the result was just as detrimental.

Legal secretary Nikki Hollis said: “I just read it to laugh at it with my friends, but if I knew what it was doing to me I’d have quit years ago.”

Regular reader Wayne Hayes said: “I heard this but I won’t believe it until I see it under a headline with three spelling mistakes, and next to a picture of an American television actress I’ve never heard of in a bikini.”