Everyone kind of hoping Attenborough and the Queen get together

EVERYONE in Britain would be happy if David Attenborough and the Queen eventually became a couple, it has been confirmed.

As the monarch and the naturalist appear in a landmark documentary, Britain is hoping that Attenborough and the Queen will exchange phone numbers at the end and agree to go ballroom dancing together sometime.

Jane Thomson, from Stevenage, said: “David Attenborough would make a great king. Or a sort of ‘step-king’ anyway.

“The two of them could go for walks, read the obituary pages together and laugh at Prince Charles.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said Prince Philip was ‘cool with it’ adding: “He knows she is going to outlive him by at least a decade and is fine with the idea of her ‘moving on’.

“As long as it is actually Attenborough and not the French or Chinese equivalent.”