Exercise ‘knackering’

A MAN who thought exercise was meant to give you stamina and energy has complained that it just made him knackered. 

Tom Logan of Hitchin has taken up going for a 50-minute run every lunchtime and believed that it would give him new vitality and vigour, but instead keeps dozing off in the afternoon. 

He said: “Am I doing it right? Because I am just fucked. 

“Not just after the run, either. I’m absolutely shagged all afternoon, I struggle to keep my eyes open driving home and then in the evening I lie around like a wet rag. 

“I knew it’d be tiring at first, I’m not stupid, but I’ve been at it six weeks now and rather than a halo of good health lifting me up and giving me new dynamism in all areas of life, I feel six weeks tireder. 

“Back when I did bugger all I at least had enough energy to go out the pub. Now I just sit slumped with my mouth open in front of the telly all night, too exhausted to even change the channel. 

“I’ve not even lost any weight because I’m chugging Red Bull just to stay awake. All physical activity is bullshit.”