Giving up alcohol, cigarettes and sugar simultaneously ‘not a problem’, experts insist

JANUARY is the perfect time to stop smoking and drinking alcohol while simultaneously eating healthily and taking up exercise, experts believe. 

Doctors have advised the public that any changes to unhealthy lifestyles should be made all at once and to the most extreme extent possible, not gradually.

Dietician Dr Carolyn Ryan said: “Why stop at cutting out sugar? Cut out fat as well. And carbs. And you know what else is bad for you? Coffee.

“It’s no problem going from two bottles of wine a night to absolute abstinence, not if you’ve got willpower. It’s actually easier than the other way.

“Sure, only eating salads and drinking water is a bit of a change, so best make it into a major change by training for a marathon at the same time.

“And you know what’s good for whiling away the hours on a treadmill? Finally reading that Ulysses you got on Kindle last New Year. Stop slacking.”

Tom Logan of Coventry said: “I’ve managed five-and-a-half days of this, so the other 359 days and 14 hours will be a breeze.

“I definitely won’t get pissed and have a kebab Friday. No way.”