Government recommends watching ‘Doctors’ instead of using NHS

THE government has told people to watch BBC soap Doctors before calling their GP just in case the show includes a storyline about their condition.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt claimed that if everyone watched the daytime show it could potentially save the NHS £100 billion a year.

Hunt said: “I watched one the other day where this old man fell off a ladder and hurt his back.

“So if you had just fallen off a ladder and hurt your back you would know that this was one of the very rare occasions where you should bother the NHS.”

Recently injured man Roy Hobbs added: “I set fire to my hand whilst doing some work on the shed.

“But I sat down and watched Doctors just after lunch and luckily there was a fire in that day’s episode. One of the actors playing a doctor suggested putting it out with some water, so that’s what I did.

“It’s still unbearably painful so I’ll be watching Doctors again this afternoon.”